The link between behavioral health and workers’ comp recovery

Workers in and around Colorado and Illinois appreciate the time it takes to recover mentally and physically from a workplace injury. Workers' compensation provides supplemental income to these families. Medical treatment and therapy aid physical healing, but mental recovery deserve a different focus.

A research study by the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) examined the links between behavioral health and workers' comp recovery. The focus was on how much time mental healing took after a workplace injury.

The study interviewed various health experts, labor activists, workers' compensation insurance companies and medical treatment policies. The results showed that early detection and treatment of behavioral health risk factors and work-related injuries significantly improved outcomes.

Behavioral health outlook

Research shows excellent potential for employees injured in the workplace. The appropriate treatment for physical and mental recovery supports benefits for workers, their families and employers. The following is a list of prospective benefits:

  • Greater recovery prognoses after injury
  • Increased confidence in returning to work
  • Increased motivation
  • Positive career outlook

Injured employees who receive support during and after a workplace injury have higher optimism and less fear about returning to their assignments. The collaborative effort reduces some long-term workers' compensation claims.

Behavioral health and workers' compensation

Coping with the mental repercussions after a workplace injury can be challenging. Employment resources that promote physical and psychological healing through therapies, treatments and training reduce complications such as depression and anxiety.

Workers' compensation has filing deadlines requiring expedience. One day passed a missed deadline can result in a denied claim. Notifying your employer on time, using assigned medical providers and following through with all requirements help reduce stress and ensure benefits are paid.

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