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Dealing with the psychological effects of a truck accident

Tractor-trailers travel many miles from one destination to another and are often seen throughout Colorado. Unfortunately, their presence can increase the risk of a serious truck accident. After surviving such a collision, it’s common to experience psychological effects.

How the trauma from a truck accident affects the brain

For some people, the psychological effects of a truck accident might be short-lived. For others, however, it can lead to a disruption in regular daily activities as they face continuous trauma. This is post-traumatic stress disorder, which can have serious impacts and cause the individual to constantly relive the accident over and over in their mind.

Common psychological symptoms after a truck accident

A person who was involved in a truck collision often suffers certain psychological symptoms. They often experience trouble sleeping, recurrent flashbacks and nightmares about the accident. They might have difficulty concentrating and be in constant fear when in a vehicle and trucks are on the road.
PTSD stemming from a truck accident can leave a person feeling a range of emotions. It’s normal to feel angry, anxious, fearful and irritable. Depression is also a common symptom. A person can lose focus and interest in activities they normally enjoy. If a truck accident caused the victim to become injured, they might also begin abusing alcohol or drugs to numb the pain and the psychological effects they are experiencing.

A person experiencing psychological trauma after a truck accident may also find their personal, professional and everyday life suffering. They might withdraw from their partner, friends, family members and their jobs. Sadly, they often withdraw into themselves while reeling from the after-effects of the accident.
Trauma after a truck accident is normal, but help is available. A support system could help you move forward so that you're able to live with it.

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