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2021 was a deadly year for road collisions

2021 might go down in traffic history books as one of the worst years on record for accidents. Most worrisome, even if 2022 experiences a significant decline in collisions, the numbers could still be alarming. Illinois drivers may wish to use the accident data as a proverbial wake-up call to curb dangerous behavior. Sadly, many will not, and accident figures could continue to be terrible.

The traffic fatalities of 2021

The increase in traffic fatalities from 2020 to 2021 was enormous. Granted, many factors contributed to fewer drivers on the road in 2020, but that year's figures are still excessive. 2021 saw a 10.5% increase from 2020, resulting in approximately 43,000 deaths.

Perhaps many drivers who did not travel much during 2020 decided to spend more time vacationing and taking road trips. Others might have returned to physical job locations after spending months working from home. Regrettably, bad habits developed in 2020 likely carried over into 2021.

Moving violations and other problematic habits

Speeding remains a scourge on roads throughout the United States, and the moving violation likely saw an increase during 2020. Emptier roads may tempt negligent drivers to pick up speed, make lane changes without signals, or avoid coming to complete stops at signs. Such behaviors are never acceptable, and they might be more dangerous when traffic conditions are heavier.

Not wearing a seat belt may add to fatal motor vehicle accident statistics. Such neglectful behaviors might have dire consequences. Causing an accident may lead to consequences, as well.

Negligent behavior opens doors to a personal injury suit when negligence causes harm. A negligent driver could be liable not only for physical injuries but also for property damage. In the gravest incident, negligent actions could cost someone their life, resulting in a wrongful death lawsuit.

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