Winter brings injury risks to job sites

Workers could face hazards and dangers under any conditions. However, winters in places like Colorado and Illinois might bring even more risks. Even people working indoors may find the cold weather season a threatening one. While no one wants to get hurt, workers' compensation payments could cover some losses after an injury. Prevention is likely the better plan, and being more guarded during the winter may prevent a mishap.

Winter working conditions and risks

Slipping and fall could happen anywhere under any conditions. During the winter, with snow and ice on the ground, the chance of a fall increases. Even walking out the door to run a short work-related errand may result in a troubling injury. Slips and falls only represent some of the injuries more than 20,400 workers suffer annually. That figure comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a credible source.

Spending time outside in cold weather could lead to hypothermia or frostbite, two serious conditions. Frostbite may result in 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the conditions. That's only a fraction of a 10-hour shift.

The human body may become more prone to sprains and strains when shoveling or otherwise clearing snow. Someone could even get hurt by a careless person who hits them when shoveling, too. Consider that an unexpected mishap that may occur.

Concerns about working in winter weather

With so many potential causes of injuries, being extra vigilant during the winter becomes necessary. Taking extra care to drive safely on icy roads could reduce accidents, but accidents happen on worksites or when commuting on official business.

Forgetting to dress warmly or wearing the proper footwear leave someone suffering. Thankfully, no-fault workers' compensation rules allow injury victims to file a claim under several circumstances.

Filing a claim correctly helps the cause, but denials and challenges happen. An appeals process could overcome any initial problems.

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