Steps pedestrians can take to stay safe while out walking

Many Denver residents enjoy walking throughout the area. It’s a free way to get around for exercise and leisure. However, pedestrians can suffer injuries in accidents with vehicles. Staying safe should be your biggest priority.

Pedestrians most at risk of fatality

Although pedestrians of all ages are at risk of being injured in an accident with a vehicle, those ranging from ages 45 to 74 are 20% more likely to die if struck by a vehicle.

Children younger than 15 also have a higher risk of being killed in a pedestrian accident. In 2020, 17% of victims of such accidents were in that age range.

Reasons behind pedestrian accidents

Alcohol is a major factor in road accidents resulting in pedestrian deaths. In 2019, it was responsible for 46% of car accidents that resulted in pedestrian fatalities. However, it was not always the driver who was under the influence of alcohol: 32% of those pedestrian accidents occurred when a pedestrian had a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or greater.

Excessive speeds are another big factor causing pedestrian accidents.

Safety tips for pedestrians

When walking, always opt for the sidewalk. If there isn’t any sidewalk, face traffic while walking.

Always follow the rules of the road and cross when it’s safe. Look both ways and cross at crosswalks. Don’t jaywalk or walk between parked cars. Make direct eye contact with drivers to ensure that they see you.

Stay sober while walking. Remain alert at all times as well. This means you should refrain from using headphones and only check your phone when it’s safe.

Wear bright clothing with reflectors when out at night so drivers can see you in the dark.

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