The Experienced Representation You Need After A Catastrophic Truck Accident

Any auto accident scenario has the potential to be catastrophic or even deadly. But when it comes to accidents between large semi-tractor-trailer trucks and smaller passenger vehicles, the likelihood of wreckage and resulting harm increases dramatically.

If you’ve been seriously injured or lost someone you love in a truck accident caused by the negligence of another driver, the attorneys at Ken Fiedler Injury Law have the skill, experience and resources to help you obtain the compensation you need and deserve. We understand the complexity and difficulty of truck accident cases, and we work tirelessly to defend your rights and interests.

Truck Accident Lawsuits Often Have Multiple Defendants

There are times when drivers of smaller cars cause truck accidents. Most of the time, however, the truck drivers or trucking companies are to blame. Common causes of accidents include:

  • Fatigued and drowsy truck drivers who have been on the road for too long without adequate sleep
  • Distracted and inattentive truck drivers
  • Inexperienced and poorly trained truck drivers
  • Faulty and broken truck equipment such as worn-out brakes
  • Loads that are too heavy, unbalanced or improperly secured
  • Speeding and aggressive driving
  • Failure to follow trucking regulations related to vehicle maintenance, hours of service or other safety matters

When a truck driver causes an accident, several parties may beheld accountable under the law. Other defendants in the lawsuit might include:

  • The trucking company (which is responsible for training/monitoring drivers and equipment)
  • The leasing company that provided the tractor-trailer
  • Any repair shops or mechanics that provided maintenance and repairs to the vehicle before the crash
  • Auto manufacturers that made the truck, if faulty equipment was a factor in the accident

When we take your case, we work to identify as many potential defendants as possible to ensure that all liable parties are held accountable.

Why Hiring An Experienced Attorney Is So Important

Truck accident cases involve much more investigation than a typical car accident lawsuit. And because trucking companies are backed by powerful insurers, your attorney needs to be prepared to act quickly and aggressively to preserve evidence and conduct an independent investigation into the crash.

The attorneys at our firm have decades of experience advocating for injured clients just like you. We understand the tactics that insurance companies and trucking companies will try to use to control the narrative and deny responsibility. We do everything in our power under the law to ensure their tactics are unsuccessful and that you receive the compensation you need and deserve.

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