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Most people hate buying insurance. It’s expensive, confusing and it never seems to be there for policyholders when they actually need it. You dutifully pay your premiums each month, but when you file a claim, you are told that it won’t be covered or will result in a payout that’s far less than you need.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a flaw in the system. It is how insurance companies make their money. That being said, your insurance company does have legal obligations toward you as a policyholder. If it fails to meet those obligations or reneges on guarantees written into its policies, you can sue the company for bad faith practices. The attorneys at Ken Fiedler Injury Law have the experience and resources you need to hold your insurer accountable.

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

Insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company. You agree to pay premiums each month and to provide the insurer with accurate and truthful information about the insured item or person. In exchange, the insurance company is obligated to:

  • Provide coverage to you
  • Abide by and uphold the terms stated in the insurance policy
  • Pay claims that are deemed valid and compensable according to the policy

It is this last obligation that most often leads to trouble, because insurers themselves decide which claims are “valid.” To operate in good faith would be to look for reasons to cover a claim rather than just reasons to deny it. But insurance companies make money by denying claims, delaying claims or settling for as little money as possible. Therefore, they have a vested interest in prolonging investigation and determining that your claim isn’t valid, and that conduct can lead to bad faith actions.

Examples Of Bad Faith Practices

Much of the time, insurers can get away with denying claims because policyholders don’t feel they can challenge such decisions. But you may have cause for legal action if your insurer:

  • Denied a claim that should have been covered
  • Severely underpaid your claim
  • Took an unreasonably long time to resolve your claim
  • Denied your claim without providing a reason
  • Failed to conduct a thorough investigation into your claim before denying it
  • Attempted to change policy terms or misrepresented the policy language
  • Refused to answer your communications with the company (calls, emails, letters, etc.)

These are just a few of many examples that could warrant legal action. If you believe that your insurer acted in bad faith, we want to hear from you.

Why You Need A Skilled And Aggressive Attorney

Insurance companies have entire legal departments at their disposal. And if you were to challenge one of their decisions, your insurer wouldn’t hesitate to respond with intimidating letters and even legal action. Therefore, you need to come prepared with your own attorney who isn’t afraid of these scare tactics and knows how to respond to them.

Our attorneys have decades of trial experience, and we regularly face insurance companies in and out of the courtroom. We believe that everyone has an obligation to act fairly and keep their promises – including and especially insurance companies that claim to truly care about their policyholders.

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